Drunk Busters Challenge Activity Mat with steering wheel and .08 - .15 Goggle

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Drunk Busters Challenge Activity Mat with steering wheel and .08 - .15 Goggle

Simulating a country road in a rural setting, the 6' x 12' Challenge Activity Mat is a great, interactive activity to demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving and also distracted driving, specifically texting while driving.

The Drunk Busters Challenge Activity Mat is made of 13 ounce vinyl. It includes a 1 year warranty against rips in the material and comes with a user guide. It also comes with a pair of .08-.15 BAC goggles.

About the Drunk Busters Challenge Activity Mat with Steering Wheel

The width of the road on the mat is 16 inches, thus the participant actually walks on the road, while steering a real steering wheel, and has to stay between the lines of the outer edge of the road.

Obstacles like avoiding a deer, mail delivery vehicle, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even a family of raccoons are included on the road.

The mat also features two intersections complete with stop signs.

Included with this purchase:

How to Use the Challenge Activity Mat and Steering Wheel

Have the student “drive” the course 3 times.

Drive #1: The first time the student drives the course, they are completely sober (no goggles or texting). 

Drive #2: The second time, they text a friend while driving. 

Drive #3: The third time, they wear a Drunk Busters Impairment Goggle to get a feel for the dangers of impaired driving. 

Each time the course is completed, count the number of mistakes the student makes, and use a stopwatch to time them. Then use that data as an opportunity to teach the students about delayed reaction times when they are distracted and/or impaired.

Uses for the Drunk Busters Challenge Activity Mat with Steering Wheel

Our Challenge Activity Mat with Steering Wheel is frequently used by law enforcement agencies, high schools and colleges, health and wellness programs, military, MADD chapters, snowmobile and boating safety programs, and driver’s ed programs.

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Need to Buy Additional Goggles for your Training Program?

Drunk Busters alcohol goggles come in ranges from .04 up to .35 BAC. You can buy 6, 12, and 24 packs of our goggles, as well as drug goggles that simulate Ecstasy, Molly, and LSD and Cannabis.