After over 30 years of presenting at numerous state, national, and international conferences, and countless high schools and colleges, I have retired from the speaking business. To all of you who I have met over the years, many of you more than once, I have enjoyed every minute of what I have done and I can only hope that young people have made some better life choices from what they have learned from me. Thank you for trusting in me and continue to have fun and live smart!

Curt Kindschuh, Founder and Owner
Drunk Busters of America, LLC



Comments from Workshop Attendees:

"The goggles really work!"

"I never realized how dangerous drunk driving really is. This experience really opened my eyes."

"It was harder than I would have expected. I definitely failed and will never drink and drive."

"I felt that using the Drunk Busters Goggles allowed me to experience the dangers of drinking & driving in a safe environment."

"It taught me that we, as students, should think before we get behind the wheel and drive drunk. It was a good experience and reality check."

"Curt made everything clear and it was fun and educational."

"I will never drive drunk and hopefully will be able to prevent my loved ones from doing the same."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you did. Your organization, DRUNK BUSTERS of America, is truly great and I applaud the hard work you do to send your message out to people."

"Excellent 'hands on' presentation!"

"It was amazing how you can feel drunk but are still so sober."

"Great presentation!"

"Curt has a great presenter voice."

"The workshop was really cool and interesting."

"Great experience! I will NEVER drink and drive!"