Endorsed by the Following...

School Safety Advocacy Council"Drunk Busters of America has long delivered some of the most innovative training tools to both law enforcement and schools that has resulted in better informed young people."

Curtis Lavarello, Executive Director
School Safety Advocacy Council

The Driving School Association of the Americas"The Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles are a wonderful hands on activity that helps our students learn some of the possible dangers of drinking and driving without having to take the actual risks."

Sheila Varnado, Marketing and Business Relations Manager
The Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc.
Owner, Louisiana Driving School

"We are extremely pleased with the Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles! We have used other brands of goggles that have not simulated impairment well enough to get the teens' attention. Your goggles not only get the point across to the teens, they also pass the parent test, who attend the class with their teens. Without doubt, the Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles are saving lives."

Gary Curtis, Driving School Director
BIR Performance Driving School and Street Smarts, Brainerd, Minnesota

"The Drunk Busters Goggles are a very useful tool in my safety courses. It gives kids and adults a better understanding of what it is like being under the influence. Thanks for a great product!"

Butch Guenther, Snowmobile Safety Instructor
Waupun, Wisconsin

"I think the goggles are an excellent way to impress the dangers of drunk driving on adolescents. Thank you for providing such a great curriculum enhancement."

Juli Satriano, RN
Ashford, Connecticut

"Your Drunk Busters Goggles are awesome!"

Dell Philippi
Tyler County Hospital, Woodville, Texas

"Our girls wrote an evaluation for Drivers Ed classes and said the experience with the goggles convinced them that they would NEVER drink and drive, and they would never allow their friends to get behind the wheel if they had been drinking."

Sister Maryann Schaefer
Mary Help of Christians Academy, North Haledon, New Jersey

"Numerous park rangers use the Drunk Busters Goggles in their water safety programs and are very satisfied with your product."

Ranger Emily Harbaugh
Saylorville Lake, Iowa

"Congratulations on your many years of working on promoting awareness of road trauma. I'm sure there are many individuals and organizations worldwide who really appreciate your work, I know that I do."

Cat Marvin
Manukau City Council, New Zealand

"Your service was top rate. We could not have asked for better."

Blue Ridge Family Health, Virginia

"The program the kids put on with the Drunk Busters Goggles was a huge success."

Lauren Shey
BBYO, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Thank you for being who you are and helping young adults to drive safely!"

Jeane' Furber
Greater Cleveland Safety Council, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio

"It looks like some great work is happening. Congratulations on the success!"

Sgt. Jo Mareolas, Drug Action Team Coordinator
South Australia Police, Holden Hill, Australia

"Thank you again for your wonderful service! Everything was received in perfect condition."

Dacee Stacy
AEA 13 Halverson Center, Council Bluffs, Iowa

"I just wanted to say thanks for everything and I will be recommending your products to people I know. You have great customer service and I will do business with you again."

Danijel Markic, Croatia 

"Thank you for the quick response and delivery. The U.S.A. to Ireland in 48 hours is excellent!"

John Ryan
Dublin Aids Alliance, Ireland

"Thank you for providing such prompt service. We have been very pleased with all of the materials we have received."

Sheree Boggs
Valdosta Technical College, Valdosta, Georgia

"Your service is amazing. I am going to pass your name along to other colleagues in British Columbia."

Lorraine Marks
ICBC, British Columbia, Canada

"The Drunk Busters Goggles are a huge hit with our students and are a great teaching tool for me."

Alan Daggett, Drug Education Counselor
New Waverly, Texas

"Keep up the great work!"

Lisa Morrison-Bowles
Compliance Resources Plus, Sylvania, Ohio

"I have never dealt with a company or individual that was so committed to their products and provided such outstanding personalized service. You are awesome!"

Amy Wood, Criminal Justice Program
Ben Barber Career Tech Academy, Mansfield, Texas

"Thank you for the speedy delivery. We used the DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles in our class. What a great teaching tool."

A-Plus Driving School, Spring, Texas

"We combined the use of the DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles, using your suggested activities, with a mock accident. The program was very well received, and your goggles a huge success."

Constable Joan Lovell
Amherstburg Police Services, Ontario, Canada

"I would like to express to you how helpful your DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles were to my D.A.R.E. program. They were very educational and I believe that the students learned a great deal about being drunk from wearing them."

Sgt. Walter Colbert
Boaz Police Department, Alabama

"Thanks for the prompt and personal service."

Thomas Parsons
Rusk Independent School District, Texas

"We received the DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles yesterday and will be using them in our drug awareness program this evening. Thanks for the great service."

Donna Woods
David Eckles Driving School, Irving, Texas

"Your product has revolutionized alcohol and drugged driving education."

Cpl. Chad Butler
Addison Police Department, New York

"I wanted to congratulate you on your impairment goggles. Your product provides a realistic view and unmistakably demonstrates what it is like to be impaired. In our opinion, it is important to show users a vision that simulates real impairment while sober."

C. Stephen Erni, Executive Director
Pennsylvania DUI Association

"Your Drunk Busters Goggles are amazing and will help a great deal when teaching people about the effects of impaired driving."

Caro Smit, Executive Director
South Africans Against Drunk Driving

"I wanted to thank you for the quick shipment of the Drunk Busters Goggles. They are a great tool and I believe that we have opened the eyes of many of the children."

Lt. Ryan Mareno
Coushatta Police Department, Elton, Louisiana

"WOW, that was fast! Thanks for the speedy delivery!"

Cris Campbell
Tri-County APRC Oklahoma State University, Okmulgee, Oklahoma

"The Drunk Busters Goggles give us the opportunity to give a clear and consistent message that underage alcohol use is dangerous and unacceptable."

Carolyn Elmer
Craig County Community Partnership, Vinita, Oklahoma

"I want to thank you for the great service!"

Roger Dames, Traffic Safety Coordinator
AAA Hudson Valley, Albany, New York

"I highly recommend your DVDs to others who have DWI programs."

Patricia Reyes
Texas Driving School, San Antonio, TX

"Our department advises that we would certainly recommend the DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles to other agencies for any presentations regarding drunk driving awareness."

Chief Douglas Moe
Appleton Police Department, Minnesota

"I am a school resource officer and used the DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles during Prom Promise week at our high school. The students enjoyed trying to drive my golf cart on a driving course while wearing the goggles."

Deputy Arnie Jones
Reidsville, GA

"Please feel free to add the Wisconsin State Patrol to your list of satisfied customers. Once again, Thank You and DRUNK BUSTERS for your continued support of law enforcement in our great state of Wisconsin."

Sgt. Ray Sondelski, Alcohol Program Coordinator
WSP District 4, Wausau, Wisconsin

"The SADD Club of Kingman High School sends special thanks for your prompt filling of our order. You were wonderful! I've never had a shipment come so quickly. Thank you for all you are doing to dissuade drinking and driving."

Shirley Henderson, SADD Advisor
Kingman, Arizona

"Your DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles were a big hit in front of our students."

Lt. Timothy Pearson
North Augusta Department of Public Safety, South Carolina

"Enclosed please find a check for 62 Just Call Me Crash videos. Don't hesitate to use our name as a large order customer in any of your sales brochures."

C. Stephen Erni, Executive Director
Pennsylvania DUI Association

"Thank you for shipping so fast. We appreciate your help."

Brazoria Police Department, Texas

"I am currently the School Resource Officer for the Hartford school district and the DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles give me another tool in the fight against impaired drivers. The goggles leave a lasting impression on the kids that try them."

Douglas Robinson
Hartford Police Department, Vermont

"Thank you so much for coming to our rescue! Your service was top rate. We truly appreciate you answering your home phone at 10:00 PM in our hour of need. Again, Thank You!"

Blue Ridge Family Health Staff, Warrenton, Virginia

"I'll be telling other police departments about your low prices and fast shipping."

Officer Joe Vertone
Prospect Heights Police, Illinois

"I love the Drunk Busters Goggles. I never fail to get enthusiastic audience participation when using them in training."

Lisa Vaughn, PCG
Lenexa, Kansas

"Curt, thank you for your efficiency! I can always tell when I am dealing with a former police officer."

Chief Glenn Miller
Richard Stockton College, Pomona, New Jersey

"Thank you again for your consideration and generosity. The Drunk Buster Impairment Goggles will serve as a valuable and impactful tool to help educate our clients on the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as the effects of alcohol consumption. Often in retrospect our BAC levels are underestimated and downplayed, even at the .08-.15 range. The Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles will help give clients a sobering experience of how distorted their vision and reflexes can be when under the influence.

"I personally had the opportunity to experience the goggles at a recent health fair, and what a powerful experience that was! Again, please accept my most sincere thanks for your generosity and most importantly know the positive impact your product will have on all clients who experience them."

Rick Salada, Program and Community Education Director
Horizon Health Services, Tonawanda, New York