Drug Goggle (camo strap)

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Drunk Busters Drug Goggle (camo strap)

Drunk Busters Drug Goggles simulate many of the effects of using illegal drugs or overdosing on prescription medication. Each goggle includes a cloth carrying bag and an Instructor's Guide, and is backed by a full 5-year warranty.

Our Instructor’s Guide includes information on how to use your goggles, along with suggested activities to simulate impairment while wearing the goggles plus care instructions. Our Guide is available in Spanish, if requested.

Why Use Drunk Busters Drug Goggles

Our Drug Goggles simulate disorientation, altered space perception, vertigo, lack of concentration, image distortion, memory problems, and feelings of euphoria caused by drugs. Known in Germany as the Drogenbrille.

Uses for Drunk Busters Drug Goggles

Our Drug Goggles are frequently used by law enforcement agencies, high schools and colleges, health and wellness programs, military, MADD chapters, snowmobile and boating safety programs, driver’s ed programs, and individuals who use them for gaming.

Trying to Simulate Other Levels of Impairment?

Drunk Busters alcohol goggles come in ranges from .04 up to .35 BAC. You can buy 6, 12, and 24 packs of our goggles, and drug goggles that simulate cannabis as well as Ecstasy, Molly, and LSD.