Drunk Busters DVD 6-Pack -- on SALE!

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Drunk Busters DVD 6-Pack -- on SALE!

DRUNK BUSTERS DVD 6-PACK - Choose any six DVDs to make up your 6-pack and save $85.
Choose any six DVDs from the list below and type the names in the "Video Selections" box at the top of this page.



Brotherly Love - is the story of two brothers who worked together, played together and died together at the hands of a drunk driver.

Think About It - A groundbreaking program that features a powerful short film, a compelling documentary, and an interview with a well respected and published Psychiatrist who deals with teens and teen development.

America's Bloody Highways - Powerful and graphic reality of drunk driving.

Shattered - Extraordinary story of one night that changed many lives forever.

The Deadly Consequences of Drunk Driving - Three educational videos: The Crash, Choices, Left Behind.

Unfinished Miles - Mark Manion and his cousin Mike were involved in a horrible crash while cycling across the United States. Mike was killed and Mark literally almost lost his head and was left paralyzed from the neck down.



Road Skillz - In English and Spanish on the same DVD.



Another Smash Hit - The BEST texting and driving DVD available!


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