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This three set story tells of one fatal drunk driving accident and the many lives that are forever affected. They can be used individually or as part of three different lessons, and includes the following titles: The Crash, Left Behind, and Choices. Produced in 2004. WARNING: Videos contain graphic images and intense content.

The Crash is the story of a fatal car crash that killed Katie DeCubellis, 13, and Marsha Bowman, 44, on October 29, 1999. That night, Marsha was driving her daughter, Becky, and Katie (Becky’s friend) to the mall. A drunk driver slammed into their vehicle from behind, sending the car into oncoming traffic. Becky survived that night, and speaks openly about her experience, as does Katie’s family, and all those who were involved.
(20 minutes, grades 5-adult)

Left Behind explores the shattered lives of the people who loved Katie DeCubellis and Marsha Bowman. This story focuses on the after effects of the drunk driving crash that took their lives and left Marsha’s daughter, Becky, forever scarred by the tragedy. Now, John DeCubellis, Meg DeCubellis, and Becky Bowman work ceaselessly to raise public awareness for the need to make responsible decisions. However, no amount of work can erase the pain or loss for those left behind.
(23 minutes, grades 5-adult)

Choices reveals the ripple effects of one decision made by Stephen Reise on the night of October 29, 1999, when he chose to drive while impaired. Both Katie DeCubellis and Marsha Bowman were killed on their way to the mall when Reise slammed into the back of Marsha's car. Reise is currently serving 14 years imprisonment and 30 years probation. Both families, however, are serving life sentences as a result of his choice.
(25 minutes, grades 5-adult)